PLATFORM_ launches Nurturing Neighbourhoods, its Commitment to Sustainable Living


PLATFORM_ launches Nurturing Neighbourhoods, its Commitment to Sustainable Living

Developer signs up to the British Property Federation Net Zero Pledge with a target to be net zero in operation by 2030

27 February 2024 – Build-to-rent (BTR) developer, operator and investor PLATFORM_ has launched its Nurturing Neighbourhoods strategy, encompassing its Commitments to Sustainable Living. This sets out how it will nurture its residential neighbourhoods to address the impacts of climate change and promote wellbeing for residents and communities over the long term.

The strategy will guide the design, construction and operation of the 4,000 homes in its portfolio and pipeline.

In total PLATFORM_ has set 24 targets across environmental, social and governance aspects of its business and the residential communities it develops and operates. This includes targets on embodied and operational carbon reduction, biodiversity net gain, support for charities and communities and sustainability certification standards.

At the heart of the commitments is the target for all its buildings to become net zero in operation by 2030, which it has affirmed by signing up to the BPF Net Zero Pledge and the UN’s Race to Zero.

This approach includes increasing on-site generation with the installation of solar panels and air source heat pumps and enhanced design measures to reduce energy consumption such as energy efficient LED lighting, low flow rate bathroom products and PIR sensor-controlled lighting to common and communal areas. By moving to all-electric developments, neighbourhoods are positioned to benefit from the national decarbonisation of the grid. PLATFORM_ is now undertaking pilot studies to determine the net zero pathways for its buildings.

PLATFORM_ is already delivering against many of its targets including to recycle more than 90% of construction waste and to pay all employees the Real Living Wage or higher. Its actions are already benefiting proposed schemes, including at PLATFORM_ Milton Keynes, where a considered design and early engagement of a landscape architect will help the neighbourhood to enjoy a 63% biodiversity gain, significantly higher than the Government’s minimum requirement of 10%.

PLATFORM_ has established a Sustainability Steering Group to oversee the delivery of its Commitments to Sustainable Living. This includes members of each team within the business, to ensure a cohesive approach from site acquisition and development to financing and operation.

Jonathan Rae, Finance Director and Chair of PLATFORM_’s Sustainability Steering Group said: “Our sector must hold itself accountable for driving positive, sustainable change that reduces the environmental impact of the built environment whilst promoting the health and wellbeing of our residents and communities.

“Whilst PLATFORM_ has always acted with this in mind, including being amongst the first to adopt the BREEAM “in use” standard for residential property, it is an important next step for us to crystallise our commitments to sustainable living into meaningful, measurable targets.  By incorporating these commitments through planning, design, construction and operation we are confident that our neighbourhoods will be truly sustainable, complementing the thoughtful design, responsive service and best-in-class amenities which they are already known for.”

Ian Fletcher, Director of Policy at the British Property Federation (BPF) said: “Buildings are responsible for around 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. This means that all of us, right across the industry, have a critical role to play when it comes to tackling climate change.

“PLATFORM_’s commitment to become net zero in operation by 2030 is a great example of industry leadership. And by signing up to the BPF Net Zero Pledge, PLATFORM_ have committed to share their insights and experience with others across the sector to help speed the transition to a net zero carbon built environment.”

For more information on PLATFORM_’s approach to Nurturing Neighbourhoods and its Commitments to Sustainable Living visit:


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