So you have moved into your new PLATFORM_ apartment. Did you arrive from overseas? Or have you decided it’s time to reimagine your home by retiring your old furniture and completely refresh your living environment? Either way, Decology is your go-to! They are industry professionals who create amazing spaces from your brief. Don’t worry if you’ve never created a design brief, Decology takes the effort out of it by guiding you through their free quiz. Click the images that inspire you the most and Decology will let you know which design tribe you belong to.

I’m an incurable naturalist and sure enough, Decology knew:

“Perfect imperfection, or wabi sabi is your mantra. Simple everyday objects like handmade pottery and woven baskets, are ordinary treasures which you celebrate for their tactile nature and organic shape, though the focus remains always on the function of these objects. You happily invite nature into your light and airy home using soft neutral colours and patinated rustic materials. Wood in all it’s forms, is a firm favourite.
For a hint of faded grandeur, French Country interior is just that bit more soft and fanciful, mixing florals, with smokey mirrors, and distressed painted pieces.”

Luckily, I’m able to switch up my (shared) living room every so often by selling my used furniture on LetGo and Shpock (thank you, smartphone). There’s almost always a neighbour who will love your couch as much as you have. And I’ve found some great pieces (hello mid-century Moroccan!) to add colour and patterns to my otherwise paired-back interior. Ask me anything about decluttering – having been a digital nomad for the past 7 years, I fit everything I own into a check-in trunk, a carry-on and a 50L Fjällräven backpack.

Decology services start at as little as £125 per room! It’s an art form in itself to source the best value on furnishings and home decor, and these decologists have mastered it. You’re covered by their 100% Delight Guarantee, which means that you are entitled to a full refund at any time before the final sign-off. Their average project takes 14-16 days to complete, so you are only ever a couple of weeks away from your dream home.

Looking for creative interior inspiration for your Decology project? Check out PLATFORM_’s own Pinterest board! We’ve got your back when it comes to creating a vision board, or having a go at decorating your space on your own.



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