We have the privilege here at PLATFORM_ to introduce the latest partner in our loyalty programme: Independent Wine Merchant The Blue Glass in Bedford!

With his shop located only ten seconds from our front door, John Barnes’ store has served as a dear port of call for wine lovers for a full decade. All wines are hand-picked and carefully selected from independent wineries all over the world. You will find a rare bottle of Australian Shiraz from the Yarra Valley alongside a well-balanced Loire rosé. He will tell you everything about the grapes, the vinification, the tannins, and he knows exactly which pour will turn tonight’s dinner into perfection. Any celebration worthy of remembrance starts here.

Some things in life are too easily taken for granted. Take convenience, for example. Mum and dad marvel at the ease with which we order our groceries, our Uber rides and our TV dinners via our smartphones. Meanwhile, well-run brick-and-mortar shops all over the world are becoming all the rarer. As convenient as online shopping may be, we tend to yearn for the true, real experience of purchasing our goods – of exchanging ideas with vendors, contemplating and examining our next purchase with all our senses.

Make the most of your shopping while you can. Familiarise with the craft behind your consumables through the people who know it best!


Visit John at 43 St Cuthbert’s St in Bedford – PLATFORM_ residents automatically receive 10% off every six bottles!


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